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‘X-Homophobia’, is a trademark of In The Meantime Men’s Group Inc.X-Homophobia’, is a national campaign spearheaded by In The Meantime Men’s Group. This anti-homophobia campaign intended to bring light to the devastating impacts of homophobia and anti-gay stigma on the Black community’s response to HIV/AIDS. This campaign is designed to build bridges through education and empowerment while breaking down the barriers of fear and ignorance that have far too long nurtured unhealthy separations between Black LGBT people, our nuclear families, and the collective Black community. Honest communication and a willingness to come to (and stay at) the table are crucial to ending homophobia and ensuring that all members of our community are treated with dignity and respect.

For more information about X-Homophobia and other Black gay empowerment efforts, please contact Jeffrey King at the In The Meantime’s office, (323) 733-4868



Take The Pledge To End Homophobia

The X-Homophobia Pledge

I pledge that as an activist against discrimination and an ambassador of peace, I will:

  • Support my gay brothers, fathers, sons and friends.
  • Respect people whose sexual orientation, identity and expression is different from my own.
  • Engage in affirming dialogue regarding people whose sexual identity differs from my own.
  • Teach my networks and my community that the gay community is our community too.
  • Help to eradicate Homophobia.

Please submit the information below to take the pledge.


  Launching The X-Homophobia Campaign



 On Thursday, February 7, 2013 In The Meantime staged a peaceful protest and press conference while launching the ‘X- Homophobia’, Anti- homophobia Campaign. it was intended to bring light to the devastating impact of homophobia in the Black community to include HIV/AIDS.

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xhomothumb1 Click Here To Check Out Our New X-Homophobia Billboard