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“In The Meantime Men’s Group, Inc. is purposed to enrich, empower, and extend the lives of intergenerational black men, respectful of sexual orientation, through social, educational, health and wellness programs and services.”

In the Meantime Men’s Group, Inc. is a 501 (C) 3 non-profit community service organization. Over the past 25 years In The Meantime has been on the forefront of creating an environment that supports, empowers and educates black, gay, same gender-loving and bi-sexual men in Los Angeles County.

Through an integrated holistic approach to wellness, In The Meantime (ITMT) focuses on the mental/emotional, physical, spiritual, and economic well-being of a community that is oftentimes isolated and excluded from mainstream society.

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Stop by and visit IN THE MEANTIME at 2146 W. Adams Blvd LA CA 90018, Call for a tour, ask about our programs and services. We always have a spot for you.