Archbishop Carl Bean Square 2019

It was homecoming at the Archbishop Carl Bean Legacy Center, where we came together today to celebrate his 75th Birthday and the official naming of the Archbishop Carl Bean Square. Today We call your name! As you yet LIVE and beyond we will tell of your life, your work, and your passion for our people. We will tell our youth of your sacrifice and commitment. You are our foundation. You taught us that it is possible to love ourselves and to share love with those around us. You taught us that Gods love Transends all. We are all one big family and children of the most- high God! To those you touched as they made their transition, to those you helped to breathe life into when we were afraid and could not seem to catch our breath, you saw us, you loved us, and you gave us hope that we now carry on to the generations to come. I will always call your name! Archbishop Carl Bean Ase, Ase, Ase