12 Step 5 Year Anniversary

We are sons and daughters of the most-high. We are clean and sober too. We are recovering from a seemingly hopeless state of mind body and spirit. (It is not a practice of the anonymous groups to take pictures at sober events/ meetings). This group of straight and gay clean and sober people along with allies agreed to take picture during the 5-anniversary celebration of the Wes Adams Group. We wanted to show the community that we exist and that we have created a safe and healing space at the Carl Bean House where we meet every Saturday afternoon from 11:30am- 12:30pm. We are the West Adams (All Fellowship) Group. We not only create this safe space for those seeking to recover but we also support other fellowships, transitional living facilities and provide free Big books and 12 & 12 books for any one in need. (These images where taken away from the actual meeting location to protect the anonymity of other clean and sober people in attendance)