Founder’s Message

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Jeffrey C. King

Founder’s Statement Nov 2020

By Jeffrey C. King

Today we celebrate 23 years as an intentional, stand-alone, grassroots, community service organization. Our theme for 2021 is Re-Imagination.

In 1997, We imagined In The Meantime as a grassroots, holistic response to the devastating impact of HIV/AIDS, post-traumatic syndrome, survivor’s remorse, racism, homophobia, and stigma of and against Black gay men in Los Angeles County. We incorporated in 1999, and since that time we have engaged thousands of Black gay men and allied in a comprehensive mobilization effort to improve the holistic wellness of Black gay men.

We have entered a season plagued by mass confusion, deception, desperation, and the bombardment of strategic distractions. We are living and operating under the umbrella of intentional airborne/germ warfare, a republican-inflicted depression, and a day of reckoning for the generational plague of police brutality and systemic racism waged against Black people in America for over 400 years. The time for change is now!

We remain a Grassroots Movement of the people, by the people, and for the people. Our very existence is an act of civil disobedience. We strive to facilitate community wide systemic change. We are committed to getting into Good Trouble as we continue to fight against systemic racism, social injustice, and health inequity.

As we move into 2021, we dare to Re-Imagine In The Meantime. We have always been at the epicenter of our community. Our in-house slogan is “Community Lives Here,” and so we continue to merge in-person HIV testing with our open and closed group-level interventions and one-on-one counseling services through social media outreach and tele-conferencing technology. We will thrive in the midst of this perfect storm. We are spiritually bolted into a source that governs the universe, and today we recommit ourselves to the co-creation and the re-imagining of In The Meantime.

We hold true to the following: “In The Meantime Men’s Group, Inc., is purposed to enrich, empower, and extend the lives of intergenerational Black men, respectful of sexual orientation, through social, educational, health, and wellness programs and services.”

Ase! Ase! Ase!

Always know that you can stop by, 2146 W. Adams Blvd LA CA 90018, or call us directly and
we will answer: (323) 733-4868.

‘In The Meantime Men’s Group, Inc. is a grassroots movement of the people, by the people and
for the people.’

Jeffrey C. King is Founder and Executive Director of In The Meantime Men’s Group, Inc.